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The Tenkai Dragon by SurgeCraft The Tenkai Dragon by SurgeCraft
A fanart of the Tenkai Dragon.

The Tenkai Dragon is an entity that appears in the show Tenkai Knights.  The Dragon serves as an unlimited source of Tenkai Energy for whoever awakens it and whatever side that person is on.  The dragon has 2 forms, good and evil, which can be changed using the White and Black Dragon Keys(a detail on its forehead(red gem in good form, gold horn in evil form) fades away to reveal the keyhole).  The dragon is capable of shooting powerful energy beams from its mouth.  In its good form, it serves the Tenkai Knights and the Corekai, and in its evil form, it serves Vilius and the Corrupted.  The Dragon will take commands from whoever used either key to awaken it.

The Dragon is composed of five fragments called Dragon Cubes.  To revive the Dragon, you would need to bring the five Dragon Cubes together and revive it with either the White or Black Dragon Key.  Also, the Dragon can only be revived at a location on Quarton called the Dragon's Nest.

After Guren and his friends first travel to Quarton, they learn of the Dragon Cubes and their ability to revive the Dragon.  Though they have a few conflicts with the Corrupted, they manage to get all of the Dragon Cubes.  They then learn about the Dragon Keys and that they have to find the White Dragon Key to awaken its good form.  However, Vilius and Gen wanted them to awaken the Dragon so that they could capture it until the Black Dragon Key was found.  Gen invents a device called the Tenkai Reversal Inductor that is able to siphon the Dragon's energy, turn it into negative energy and then store it so it can be used to upgrade the Corrupted.  The Corrupted take advantage of this device a few times until the Black Dragon Key is located inside Benham Tower.  Though Guren and his friends get the Black Key, Gen takes it by force and makes his way to the Dragon's cage.  He constantly fights off Guren, but Guren manages to convince him not to revive the Evil Dragon.  Vilius then appears and attacks Gen to get the Key after Gen refused to give it to him.  Vilius then turns the Dragon evil and under his control.  However, just when he's about to destroy everyone, the Guardinas appear and immobilize the Dragon.  A now-converted Gen succeeds in getting the Black Dragon Key from Vilius.  Guren then turns the Dragon good again with the White Key.  Then the Guardians tell our heroes to unite the two keys.  Guren and Gen unite the two keys, causing the Dragon to become the Dragon Cubes again.  Guren, Ceylan, Chooki, Toxsa, and Gen all gain a Dragon Cube and earn an ability called Phoenix Mode.  Vilius, having lost the Dragon, uses the Tenkai Reversal Inductor to increase his own strength, but is defeated by the Tenkai Kinghts' Phoenix Modes.  Later Vilius is revived by the Guardians and takes the Dragon Cubes and tries to revive the Dark Tenkai Dragon without the Black Dragon Key, bragging that his Tenkai Energy increased, giving him the power to do so.  Reviving the Dragon without the key caused the Dragon to become unstable and to phase between both of its forms.  It also didn't resond to commands.  Gen then appears and causes the Dragon to separate into two sets of Dragon Cubes, good and evil.  Guren, Ceylan, Chooki, Toxsa, and Gen absorb the Good Dragon Cubes while Vilius absorbs the Dark Dragon Cubes(He later implants a Dark Dragon Cube into each of the Guardians, turning them evil and under his control).

The Tenkai Dragon will also be released as a 2-in-1 set in August 2014.

Tenkai Dragon - Tenkai Knights/Ionix
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