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Luna Ref :Both Forms: by SurgeCraft Luna Ref :Both Forms: by SurgeCraft

This is a reference of both of Luna's forms, her seedrian form and her human form.

Luna started as a Sonic FC in the Sonic X community, but later evolved into an original character.  I will focus on both of her forms though.

Both are shown side by side, and are shown to scale.   Her seedrian form is about 3 feet tall, and her human form is 5-6 feet tall.

Seedrian Bio:

Name: Luna
Age: 18
Species: Seedrian
Psionic Energies
Can turn her hands into blasters.  These blasters turn into bracelets when not in use.  She can also turn both her hands into blasters at the same time, although it's not shown often.


Before Luna was a seedrian, Luna existed merely as space matter in space.  One day, a meteorite carrying seedrian DNA passed through the matter.  The matter bonded with the meteorite as it sailed towards a planet, Astria.  Meanwhile, on the surface, a seedrian mother named Angeline(I have only drawn Angeline one other time before now) was tending to her newborn daughter, Carla, when she heard the meteor land. Upon investigating the site, she found the meteor split open and she found a seedling with pink hair crying.  She decided that even though, she already had Carla, she would care for them both.

Over the years, Carla and the new seedrian, whom Angeline named Luna, were becoming good friends.  Angeline had made a pink and white dress for Luna and a black and gray dress for Carla, both based on petal dresses.  Unbeknowest to them, someone was watching them.  Sarika, a seedrian with mystical power who had been hailed on Astria as a deity, was watching Luna and Carla.  Sarika knew of the space matter that Luna originally was, though she only believed that it was a legend.

When Luna and Carla turned 8, Luna had begun using psychic powers.  Carla thought that the trick was interesting and suggested that they show it to Angeline.  But when they got home, they found it in ruin and Angeline gone.  The two were wondering what they should do when a purple, pink, and blue seedrian came up to them.  She told them that she was Sarika and that Angeline had been kidnapped by an evil villain named Othrys.  She them told the two to come with her.

Upon arriving at Sarika's mansion high in Astria's mountains, Sarika decided to make better outfits for the two after hearing a suggestion from Luna.  Sarika gave Luna the pink and white outfit she wears today, having a shorter length than the petal dresses because Luna felt like it fitted her style more, and she made a change to Carla's petal dress, giving it pockets.  After giving them the new outfits, Sarika had explained how Luna was originally a type of space matter before becoming a seedrian.  She explained that originally being that matter was the reason that Luna has psychic powers.

Luna grew to a teenager living on Astria.  During her early years, Luna learned that she had psychic powers and learned that being born from the space matter was what allowed her to have them.

However, as Luna got older, she wanted more attention and power, because not very many people became friends with her.  When Luna assumed that no one cared about her, she turned to the dark side.  Harnessing the negative energies of an amulet-sized planet egg and donning a black and red suit, she became the villain Vira.

As Vira, she orchestrated several attacks against those that shunned and neglected her.  However, a brown haired seedrian named Azalea came along and challenged Vira to a duel.  During their fight, Azalea told Vira that she was really Luna, and that there was still good in her.

After fighting Azalea, Azalea told Luna that she was always there for her no matter what Luna thought.  After feeling a little relieved, Luna reverted to the good side, but kept the Vira suit.

After Luna attained a great age fighting for justice, her body turned back into the space matter that she was born from.  Some of it bonded with the planet egg Luna had as Vira, allowing her to live on inside of it.  The planet egg was brought back to Astria and put in a shrine for safekeeping.

However, Luna had regretted becoming Vira and willed for a second chance.  The powers of the planet egg revived her at the exact moment she made the decision to become Vira in her first life.  However,, she didn't become Vira again.  She went to the shrine and got the Vira armor, but instead of putting it on, she brought it back to her lab and built a new version called the 2.0 armor.  The Vira armor had a negative reactor installed in it that absorbed negative emotions(like fear, anger, and hate) to generate power.  After analyzing it, Luna built a positive reactor which used positive emotions for power and installed it in her suit.

Since Luna didn't want the Vira armor to entirely go to waste, she built a humanoid form of artificial intelligence that represented her, programmed it to have Vira's personality, and installed it in the Vira armor.  The new Vira doesn't have the same hostile intent as Luna did when she was Vira, but Luna is one of the few people Vira cares about(since Luna made her).

Many years later...

At the ultimate end of Luna's life, she was ready to execute her final form.  She touched her amulet and made a wish before doing so as her last request.  Her wish came true when her final form was to happen.  Since she was originally space matter, her body was transformed into the energy instead of a plant.  Wielding her true power and now one with the space energy, Luna decided that there were two things left to be done on Astria.  She went to an azalea bush that was her friend's final form, looked at the azalea flowers, pulled a single petal off of one, and attached it to her collar.  She then went to see Vira.  Luna suggested to her that since Vira was a part of Luna, that Vira should reunite with her.  Vira agreed, and Luna assimilated Vira's being into herself, gaining her power and her Planet Egg, allowing her to give life.  After looking around Astria one last time, Luna left to roam the galaxy.

Human Bio:

Name: Luna
Age: 18
Species: Human

Luna possesses better hearing and sight than average humans.  Additionally, she has psychic powers and can attack long range by turning her hands into blasters.  The blasters have the ability to turn into bracelets when not in use.  She can't use the blasters if she's not wearing the bracelets.  She can use both of her blasters at once, but using both at the same time consumes a lot of her power, so she almost never does this.
Talking with others, video games, battling enemies.

Luna was born with a genetic mutation that gave her better sight and hearing than humans, but also resulted in giving her cat ears and a tail.  At the age of 13, she had crafted armor plates into her outfit to protect in combat and equipped herself with two blasters that could turn into bracelets when not in use.

Luna - Me

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